Prayer Card Pro Screenshots

Click on any of the examples below to view the comprehensive simplicity of Prayer Card Pro.


  • Prayer Card Pro comes with literally 100's of images, including memorial graphics, fraternal organization logos and military symbols. Of course, you can add your own clip art and decedent photos.

  • Images can be displayed "as originally created" or "stretched" to fit any size desired.

  • Click, drag and drop images anywhere on the prayer card.


  • Prayer Card Pro includes 100's of prayers and sentiments to use with your prayer card compositions. You can also add your own and modify those that are already there.

  • Prayers can be entered using foreign language characters in French, German, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish.




Memorial Master Manual

The User Manual is an integral part of Prayer Card Pro. Create a new prayer card? Add or import graphics? Adjust your printed output? Answers are always just a click away!

And, if you need help about the screen you are currently viewing, simply click the "?" on the tool bar and a Help screen pops up. How much easier can you get?



Unlock Software

Sample Memorial Calendars

The shipped version of Prayer Card Pro - as well as the download version - must be activated so that the word "SAMPLE" does not appear on your printed prayer cards. Simply call 800-364-1509 and we will be glad to provide you with the appropriate Unlock Key.