Will Prayer Card Pro print onto prayer card stock that is not 8 ½" x 11"?

Yes. Prayer Card Pro accommodates paper sizes other than 8 1/2 “ x 11” as long as your printer has an adjustable manual feed, which is the case on virtually all modern printers. This is the same feature that allows you to print envelopes.

Under the Utilities > Preferences on the main menu tool bar, there is a prompt asking for the Type of manual feed adjustment on your printer. If your printer has one slide that pushes either to the left or to the right, choose Edge (the default). If your printer has two slides that converge toward the center, choose Center. This setting lets your software know where the paper is "registered" so that text and graphics can be positioned correctly for the size of paper you are using. (top)

I know I added a particular line of text while in the Text mode, but I cannot see it while in the Preview mode. Where did it go?

If you cannot see a line of text in the Preview mode that you "absolutely know is there" (that is, you can see it while in the Text mode), it is because the size of the font being used is too big for the text block itself. If text does not appear in the Preview Mode, it will not print. The solution is to either reduce the size of the font while in Text Mode or increase the size of the text block while in Select Mode. (top)

What types of graphic images can I use?

Prayer Card Pro recognizes all images that are Windows (.bmp), JIFF(.jpg), Zsoft Paintbrush (.pcx) and Tagged Image File Format (.tif) compliant. However, virtually any type of file you would like to use can easily be converted into one of these image types using standard photo editing software such as Corel's Paint Shop Pro and Adobe’s Photoshop.

NOTE: Renaming a file is not the same as converting it; it must be converted. (top)

Why can’t I find my image in the Graphics manager screen?

In order to be viewed by the Graphics manager, all images must reside in the same directory in which your software is installed. If images are in the ASSETS subdirectory of the Prayer Card Pro folder, they will automatically be alphabetized with all the other images. When Inserting/deleting an image while in the Select mode, you are not in the Graphics manager.

NOTE: The screen presented to you when selecting an image for inclusion in an image block does allow you to indicate an image source other than the Prayer Card Pro directory. (top)

How do I create a new prayer card layout?

You can create a new prayer card layout in one of two ways. First, you can open an existing prayer card layout, modify the text and images on that prayer card composition, as desired, and then simply save it under a new and unique name. There is no limit to the number of different layouts you can save for recall at a later date.

Alternatively, you can select New, right click unused or “white” space on the blank composition screen, and add text and image fields as desired. For more detailed information, refer to the User Manual under the Help selection on the Main Menu task bar and review the section on Creating a new layout. (top)

Why do I get an "Error 21, Open Error" message?

An "Error 21, Open Error" message indicates that, for some reason, a required file – which is named in body of the message - cannot be accessed by the software. The inability to access or "use" the file is normally attributed to one of the following four reasons: 1) The file is corrupt or missing, 2) the file is a "read only" file and must have its “read only” attribute removed, 3) you are on a network and the file is already open and being used by another user, or, 4) you are not on a network but the software has been loaded two or more times on your current PC. If, after removing the probable cause, you still get the error, contact technical support. (top)

Why does text print upside down or backwards?

Sometimes the printer driver that comes with your printer (that is, software that enables your PC and printer to "talk with each other") and your PC have trouble communicating. This is not a common occurrence but if this happens to you, try deselecting the "Enable advanced printing features" item found on the "Advanced" tab of your printer driver "Properties" window. (top)

Why can’t I print to the edge of the paper?

You can print to the edge of the paper - if your printer has that capability.

How close you can print to the edge of any paper is dictated by your individual printer and printer drivers. Unless you use a printer that allows for "edge-to-edge" printing, your printer restricts all printing to within at least 1/4" from all edges of the paper. Add the amount of "space" surrounding any font you may be using to this 1/4", and the border width could be even more exaggerated. (top)